Enough of the imbalance that is destroying our democracies, our planet, and ourselves.

Enough of the pendulum politics of left and right, as well as the paralysis in the political center.

Enough of the corporate lobbyists driving policy in our corptocracies – that better the privileged wealthy and damn the rest

Have we not had enough exploiting of the world’s resources, including ourselves as “human resources”? Many more people are concerned about these problems than have taken to the streets. The will of people is there; an appreciation of what is happening, and how to deal with it, is not. We are inundated with conflicting explanations and contradictory solutions. The world we live in needs a form of radical renewal unprecedented in the human experience.

Blockchain is the solution – an immutable record of all transactions, a rock solid history and proof of all voting, proof of identity that is beyond reproach. Completely transparent so all records are open to all to see. Smart Contracts evolving into Smart Laws – the Blockchain is about truth. It’s about decentralising trust and taking it from the hands of a few and into the hands of many…. distributed by cyberspace, gamed by code and made honest by algorithms.

The old way is over and we are now in the throes of transition as we move to a new epoch where the way we organise ourselves as humans is about to undergo a radical bottom-up, horizontally-aligned makeover. With mobile technology becoming ubiquitous, everyone will not only have access to anyone, but also access to finance, to networks, to new concepts of value and means of trade. Blockchain will fuel the Internet of Value, an evolution of the very Internet itself.

Since we as humans began to organise ourselves into communities some 10,000-15,000 years ago, we have struggled to find ways to live together in larger and larger groups.

We have seen movements such as the introduction of Democracy by the Greeks and Native Indians, Commons in the Middle Ages, Libertarianism, Communism, Authoritarianism and a slew of other isms’ trying to find a way to live together in large groups in relative harmony.

The problem is… all these old ways of organizing ourselves simply do not fit into the complexity of the new global world we live in.

We need to remove the temptation of unethical greed by making it impossible to cheat or be cheated by any one person, one company one group, or one ideology. We need to take the single out of trust and replace it with a hive of trust. Or what is also now called decentralised and distributed trust. We need to work towards building a new society where trust is removed from the fingers of single intermediaries and put in the hands of many.

And the Blockchain can do it. From Identity to Bulletproof Voting and Smart Contracts for Governance… The Blockchain is a new paradigm for organizing government with less friction and more efficiency, and at much greater scale than current paradigms.

It’s a fundamental tool that can not only enable direct democracy and tools to ensure voting is pure and unhackable – but also integrate socioeconomic change which can allow us to eliminate poverty by easily administering a universal basic income with technology rather than people. It’s a platform that creates total transparency so attempts at corruption are clear.

The Blockchain is so much more than an isolated technology using advanced forms of cryptography and a dencentralised ledger system for Bitcoin and finance – and it’s not only about efficiency or effectiveness… doing things 20 times faster or saving money but its power is that it enables people to organize themselves in new and different ways.

Over the past two centuries, our society in the West has undergone continual change – economic cycles that whirl from boom to bust – and has always emerged transformed and strengthened. Until now. We think society is on the brink of a change so big, so profound, that this time capitalism itself, the immensely complex system by which entire societies function, has reached its limits and is changing into something wholly new. And we think The Blockchain will drive it.

The only future for the existing monopolistic capitalist structures is to keep finding new markets to conquer – and in a finite world where we are on the cusp of environmental disaster and overpopulation is slated to challenge the planet’s ability to provide for all, there needs to be a radical change in how we govern both ourselves and the planet as a whole.

Caplitalism itself as we know can not survive as move to a zero cost limitless shelf life supply of digital goods and services. The tension between limitless knowledge and limited ownership is being exacerbated as we move from a proprietary world of scarcity to a new world where all information is ubiquitous and free, where crowdsourcing and open source models cannot be challenged by the old ways. The Information Age has connected us and informed us, and now we are putting our communities and knowledge to use to share and create.

But we are basing this on legacy thinking and archaic governance systems that are not appropriate to deal with the compounding rate of innovation in society. Decisions that take years in government to solve problems are many times, many steps behind – as the problems they set out to deal with have been replaced by new ones that are creating during the long, slow process of legislation.

We need to rethink how we govern and how the technology of Blockchain can help us govern better.